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Lasers are all the rage right now and here is why!

Laser treatments are becoming more and more sought after as all the A-list celebrities are gravitating towards them to treat a variety of skin concerns. Lasers can treat just about any skin concern and here at Dr Dallas clinic we have the best technology on the market to make your skin goals become a reality. 

Picking which type of Laser to target your skin concern should always start with a consultation-with a qualified Laser therapist. Being prescribed the correct skincare routine to support your Laser treatment can really take any Laser result to the next level!

Baby Lasers-

Clear + Brilliant Permea– Let your skin drink up all your skincare. This Laser allows us to infuse products into your skin. It allows a product absorption rate of 17% more than any other treatment. It is a non-ablative Laser so you will have a fast recovery. Whether your skin needs a drink of hydration or a boost of brightness this is the treatment for you. 

Clear + Brilliant Original– one of our favourites here in the clinic. This non-ablative laser packs a punch. It helps improve your skin texture and also helps even out skin tones. This treatment is for people with mild skin pigment concerns. 

Nano and Micro Laser Peel– she might be small but she’s mighty! These fully ablative lasers work by fully removing layers of dead skin cells from the surface. There are incredible benefits and also incredible results in completely removing the dead surface of skin. Use this treatment to say hello to fresh plump baby skin.

The Big Guns-

Fraxel– turn the heat all the way UP! This deep non-ablative Laser can help with anything from signs of ageing to pigmentation and scarring. This works by stimulating collagen and elastin production in the skin. Expect clearer & brighter skin after having one of these treatments done. Expect a different complexion when you have a course of Fraxel treatments.

Profractional laser– This Laser ablates tiny channels into your skin and kick starts your body’s wound healing process. It only treats a fraction of the skin at a time while leaving the surrounding tissue intact – meaning your recovery is rapid! 

Deep refacing laser – Last but certainly not least. This fully ablative Laser gives you a fresh start. It removes layers of skin to create a clean slate. This treats deep wrinkles, all pigmentation conditions and all forms of scarring. This is a treatment you do not have often – possibly once or twice but when you do it will certainly be worth it! Plan your downtime which we will hold your hand all the way through.

We are big believers in stacking treatments and use our Sciton BBL with many of the above lasers.

And remember! ……… one treatment is a treat, a course is a TREATMENT

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