Profhilo belongs to a new category of injectables known as bio remodeling. It's not simply an injectable moisturiser. It works beneath the skin to create prolonged anti-aging benefits.




Achieve healthy, plumper, and fresher skin and a radiant glow that will maintain a youthful appearance.

What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment that has quickly become one of our most popular aesthetic treatments available. Unlike other dermal fillers, Profhilo does not add volume to the skin. Instead, it works to rejuvenate the skin by increasing its hydration levels and improving its overall texture.

Profhilo is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance that helps to keep the skin hydrated. When injected into the skin, Profhilo works to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that are essential for youthful-looking skin. As a result, Profhilo can help to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin laxity, and give the skin a more radiant appearance.

Profhilo is injected using a very fine needle, meaning that the treatment is relatively painless. The entire treatment process takes less than 30 minutes, making it perfect for busy patients who do not have time for lengthy aesthetic procedures.

Unlike other injectables like dermal fillers that typically last for several months, profhilo can provide results that improve for up to six months.

If you are looking for a non-surgical way to achieve younger-looking skin, profhilo may be right for you. To learn more about this exciting new treatment, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Profhilo will improve your overall skin quality, that’s the ultimate goal of Profhilo!

See improvements up to 6 months post treatment.

Profhilo Treatment Overview


Profhilo is injected into the skin in small amounts. The injection sites are carefully chosen so that the product is evenly distributed throughout the treatment area. After injection, the hyaluronic acid begins to work immediately, attracting water to the skin and adding volume. The results of the treatment are dramatic, but temporary. Most people require two or three treatments to achieve optimal results. If you are looking for a way to refresh your appearance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and add volume to your skin, Profhilo may be right for you..


Profhilo can be injected into the face, neck, décolletage, and hands


Improve overall appearance, including wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and loss of elasticity


Gives the skin a more youthful and radiant appearance


Can be used to treat other areas of the body that are prone to aging or damage, such as the knees and elbows

Who is it for?

Whoever is in pursuit of the ideal skin recipe, they may want to consider adding profhilo to their routine. Those who are already familiar with hyaluronic acid will be happy to know that profhilo contains this ingredient.

Although hyaluronic acid is not a new ingredient on the market, what sets this product apart is its method of delivery. Most topical products that contain hyaluronic acid only allow the ingredient to sit on top of the skin, where it can eventually evaporate. On the other hand, profhilo uses special technology that helps it to penetrate deep into the dermis, where it can provide long-lasting hydration.

In addition to its hydrating benefits, profhilo also helps to stimulate collagen production, resulting in plumper, more youthful-looking skin. As such, it is an ideal treatment for those who are concerned about wrinkles and fine lines.

How long until I see results?

  • 2 Treatments are needed & then maintenance (1 syringe every 4-5 months).



Consultation (10-15 mins)

You'll complete our skin survey and skins goals questionnaire online and then we'll arrange a one-to-one telephone consultation with one of our aesthetics experts to determine the best course of treatment for you.


On the Day (30-45 mins)

We'll disinfect your skin, before delivering 10 small injections, carefully spaced out to give maximal results. You'll feel a slight pinch which quickly goes away.
The injection sites will be raised from approximately 24 hours and they don’t require any massaging. They can feel similar to a pimple under the skin


Results & review

The results of your Profhilo treatment will continue to improve over a six week period. We'll review your outcome with you and will normally book you in for your next treatment session 4-5 months away.

Profhilo vs Dermal Filler

When it comes to treating wrinkles and fine lines, there are a variety of options available. Two of the most popular treatments are profhilo and dermal fillers. Both methods can achieve similar results, but they work in different ways.

Profhilo is a type of injectable treatment that helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and firmness. It does this by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Profhilo is typically used to treat skin that has age related changes. It can also be used to treat wrinkles and fine lines.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are used to add volume to the face. They can be used to plump up the lips, fill in wrinkles, or sculpt the cheekbones. Dermal fillers are made from a variety of materials,laregely hyaluronic acid, collagen, and fat cells.

While both profhilo and dermal fillers can provide similar results, they are best used for different purposes. So, talk to your doctor about which option is right for you.


We’re incredibly proud of the feedback we get. We’d encourage you to read all of our many 5 star TrustPilot reviews from happy customers who love their results.

Nothing But Professional

As always, Dr Dallas was nothing but professional! I had lip augmentation and Botox with Dallas and he done an excellent job. My mother also had Botox and Profhilo.
We are both so happy with the results. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with out treatments and would highly recommend Dallas for any treatment anyone is considering. We will most definitely be returning.
Nicole Joyce

Love my new skincare routine

I would 100% recommend Dr Dallas, his manner and procedure/product knowledge is magnificent, I felt reassured the first time I met him enough to go back and let him do what I wanted to have done, and more! Absolutely love my new skincare routine which he also advised me on. Words cannot depict how happy I am since Dr Dallas carried out my treatments.

I will never trust anyone else with my face

Dr D is a true king! The ultimate professional and a true gentleman. I moved abroad last year but still fly home just to see Dr Dallas and will never trust anyone else with my face. I’m not sure which I look forward to the most - my post treatment glow up or his wonderful chats! Offering Hydrafacials in the clinics now is also a great extra benefit.

The Treatment Menu.

1 Profhilo Session - Face €400
Face & Neck €750
Body €600


Dr Dallas is an advanced trainer for Prohilo in Ireland and teaches the entire team at Dr. Dallas Clinic & practitioners all around Ireland his method for injecting profhilo to achieve your skin goals.

Dr Dallas Clinic has injected more Profhilo than any other provider in Ireland


Absolutely! As I hammer home regularly, the face is made of many layers. Profhilo is a dermal treatment (second layer of the skin), whereas most fillers are used from the subcutaneous layer (3 layer) and deeper. It is ideal to combine the two in fact, as the skin quality will be improved from the profhilo and the volume can be replaced with the filler.
Profhilo and PRP are a great combination, and theoretically could be done in the same treatment day, however we would likely suggest spacing them out as PRP induces a fair amount of (desired) trauma. Allowing the skin to recover is likely a better plan of action.
Both Profhilo and dermal fillers are largely hyaluronic acid based. However Profhilo is an uncrosslinked substance, (uncrosslinked means that the particles are not bound together) Whereas Dermal fillers are crosslinked (bound together). The purpose of dermal fillers is to take up space and create volume, whereas Profhilo is designed to spread out and nourish the dermal layer of the skin. Its magic lies in its ability to spread out and share its goodness with a larger area within the dermis.
The duration of action is quoted to be 4-5 months. As the body’s tissues are a constantly growing, turning over and metabolizing the product won’t last forever, thus once you have started your Profhilo journey a maintenance top up will be needed approximately 3 times per year.
Profhilo is an uncrosslinked Hyaluronic acid product that is injected in a concise pattern around different areas of the body. It’s extremely important that the product is placed in the dermal layer of the skin. The dermal layer of the skin is essential like a “mattress,” it contains 3 main constituents: Collagen, Elastin and Glycosaminoglycans (hyaluronic acid). As we advance in age the quality of this “mattress” layer of the begins to diminish, and the quality of the skin then disimproves. Profhilo aims to restore this “mattress” layer of the skin with a massive surplus of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid LOVES water! Thus placing HA into the dermis leads to a massive draw of water to the dermal layer. Thus restoring the fullness to the “mattress” and leaving the skin healthier, more dewy and radiant.
This will very much depend on the issue to be addressed as they achieve very different tasks! Anyone over the age of 35 will benefit from Profhilo, it’s a treatment that can’t NOT work, as long as it is injected correctly. When it comes to dermal fillers, we are highly selective and cautious in how we use them. As long as we have an appropriate reason to treat, that will benefit you, we are happy to oblige!
One of the magnificent benefits of this treatment is the improvement to the crepey skin that emerges as our skin quality diminishes with age. By refilling the dermal layer of the skin, we can turn back the clock with regards to skin quality. This will lead to appreciable improvements in fine lines and wrinkles.

In an ideal world, you arrive without makeup to be ready for treatment, but we appreciate you may be coming from a busy day at work or life in general. Either way we are going to disinfect your skin before we start.  For most areas of the face or body each syringe delivers 10 injections and are carefully spaced out to give maximal results. 

Each injection lasts approximately 10 seconds, there is a slight pinch that quickly goes away once the injection is over. We will guide you through this entire process. 

Once all 10 injections have been completed, there is nothing to do but wait. The injection sites will be raised from approximately 24 hours and they don’t require any massaging. They can feel similar to a pimple under the skin.

  1. Medical history, consent and explanation of the procedure
  2. Disinfect the skin and map out the area of treatment
  3. 10 little injections in their predetermined areas
  4. Clean up (bury any evidence of treatment)
  5. Book next appointment 4-5 months away
  6. Go home and enjoy the delightful boost to your skin!

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