Create a natural enhancement with precision definition of your lips.


Micro facial injections of hyaluronic acid +.


Lip filler is an effective way to enhance the appearance of the lips.

What is Dermal Lip Filler?

When lip filler is done well it should enhance the size of the lip. The technique we use in the clinic is the most important aspect of the treatment followed by the type of filler used to achieve the desired outcome. The technique and filler chosen will be customized for your needs.

At Dr. Dallas Clinic we want it to be a natural enhancement and definition, so a slightly bigger version of your own natural lips. Volumize the lips but not to a point where it feels artificial.

Volumize the lips but not to a point where it feels artificial.

We use Aliaxin dermal filler because it contains nothing other than hyaluronic acid and the gel suspension it sits in. We have 3 different densitisties to choose from to achieve the goal of creating the perfect lips for you. Different lips have different needs! Filling the lips and building the lips is a process over time. It’s not a once and done procedure. It’s a delicate process of artistic aesthetic sculpting.
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Lip filler can be used to treat a number of different concerns. One of the most common is to add volume to thin lips. This can help to create a more balanced look, as well as making the lips appear fuller and more youthful. In addition, it can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a more dramatic transformation, lip filler can help you achieve your desired look.

Different lips have different needs and the choice of filler we use is based upon the patient who is sitting in front of me.

Dr Dallas Walker

Dermal Lip Filler Treatment Overview


At Dr. Dallas Clinic we always strive to make you as comfortable as possible and reduce any pain during a treatment. When we reduce discomfort it makes a procedure easier for you (and for your practitioner!) We don’t wanna hurt you! P.S. If you didn’t know, our founder, Dr. Dallas is also an anesthesiologist so reducing pain is at the core of what we do!

We use local anesthetics and topical anesthetics, so it’s a combination of both to really reduce the pain. You will just feel a pinch for the anesthetic, we’re just numbing the lips, little injections in the upper and lower lips and then it’s plain sailing you will not feel a single thing!


The fillers used are decided on a per patient basis


We work like an artist over multiple sessions for amazing results


They don't cut the tissue so are much more gentle


We can correct thin lips, asymmetry corrections, volume and much more

Who is it for?

Lip filler or augmentation is actually suitable for a wide range of people. Whether you are looking to correct asymmetry, improve the overall proportions of your face, or simply add a bit of extra volume, lip fillers can help you achieve your desired results. 

How long until I see results?

Immediately! Bare in mind what you see immediately is not what the final result will look like. We’ve traumatized the tissue during the treatment with a small bit of needle work and microcannula, we’ve caused inflammation.

Right after treatment, your lips will feel a lot larger because we’re using dental block anesthesia so you will feel no pain through the procedure. When your lips are anesthetized, they do feel much larger than your lips really are. Once this wears off we can appreciate a true enhancement that your lips have undergone.

The acute swelling lasts around two to four days. You will start to see your final results from day 7 until 14. It can take 3-4 weeks before the filler fully settles down.



Consultation (10-15 mins)

We will examine your lips and decide on which filler will work best for the outcomes you want to achieve through the treatment.


On the Day (30-45 mins)

First to prepare we will clean the area and we will get the dental block administered for a painless procedure.
Now the treatment starts, definition work first if required, then using the cannula for volume work.
After the treatment is finished we massage for an smooth. even finish and clean the lips. Postcare: We would like you to not touch the lips and just allow them to heal while the little punctures are closing. No lipstick or makeup over the area for a good 12 hours.


Results & review

We ask you not to not touch the lips and just allow them to heal while the little punctures are closing. No lipstick or makeup over the area for a good 12 hours. Also being careful of hot food and drinks and smoking until the anaesthetic has worn off fully.

The first 48 hours AKA the panic phase

The first 48 hours after lip filler can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride. While they may feel bigger and harder than normal at first, this is totally normal – swelling and redness are common aesthetic side effects that usually start to show up around the time lip filler has just been injected in the lips. Although this might seem scary at first, it’s nothing to panic about since it’s just temporary. 

Most people experience mild to significant levels of swelling right after their procedure, but the real results will only start to show after the swelling has gone down around 3-5 days. We are here for you if you have any concerns after treatment.

The Treatment Menu.

Lip filler (including LA)€400


Cannulas are these incredible devices that really improve the safety of the treatment! Because cannulas are blunt at the tip cannulas, move around structures within the tissue, rather than cutting through them. Cannulas also allow us to move in the same place, so as we distribute filler, it’s all placed in the same place.

Whereas with a needle is because it will cut through the tissue and kind of go wherever you push it. Where a cannula will work its way around vessels, we see a lot less bruising, a lot less swelling because we’re not cutting tissues. And just gives a nice even distribution of filler as the cannulas are much longer than the needle.

We don’t want to use high density fillers in the lips. High density fillers are used in the deeper structures of the face to kind of give volume back to areas like the cheeks, nose, chin, & jawline. Using a high density filler can look artificial in your lips and we want to enhance naturally with the lips.
We rarely would use more than one mililitre, in a sitting, and often don’t use less than one mill. People tend to focus on the quantity as one mill seems like a large volume. But it’s the density that’s more important when you’re using a volume. With one ml, you can allow for greater distribution of the filler. So this leaves less lumps, bumps or inconsistencies within the tissue we are treating.
The anesthesia is put in with a tiny little needle so there’s a risk of a bruise. If the anesthetic does go into a vessel, it can cover a larger area of the face. This is very uncommon, but it can happen and it’s not harmful.
The anesthetic we use generally on average would wear off somewhere between an hour and a half to two and a half hours. So you will be numb until this point. So we would advise that you avoid anything hot, because you won’t be able to sense temperature properly until you can feel your lips properly again. Also,if you smoke, be very cautious because you won’t feel the heat of the cigarette burning on your lips. And we don’t want you to hurt yourself.
You will want to make sure you haven’t consumed any alcohol that day. Ideally you will want to make sure there’s no cold sore present. We’re gonna ask about any of your previous lip fillers. And then we’re going to examine to see if there’s any of that left over filler as that will determine your final results.
Absolutely. If the filler is well placed or well dissolved when we examine the lips and feel the lips that there’s no lump bumps or areas of migration that are going to distort the result.
We want to wait at least five days because the dissolving process will continue until the dissolving product is moved out the lips and finished its work. But ideally I like to wait at least two weeks to give the lips a good chance to heal so that they’re ready to be filled again.
I change the density of the filler itself based on the demands of the lips. We have one cost for lip filler, we don’t use more than one mill in a sitting and that costs ‎400 euros.
So that’s a very personal question. It depends on what we’re trying to achieve. It would not be uncommon for someone who’s starting their lip filler journey who wants to start slowly and naturally enhance their lip to receive two or even three sessions in their first year. But once we finally get to your desired size That’s not causing any artificial look for appearance. Then we often maintain it with one mill every year.

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